Thursday, March 31, 2005

Milk Duds

So I go overseas for a month and the two boys have managed to talk so much guff that they've moved the political alignment of this blog on the blogroll of kiwiblog from the centre to the purgatory of "Left Blogs".
Most disappointing.
Now I read that amongst the $15 million (down from the original $21 million) donation to the advertising industry to promote the "Working for Families (Vote Labour)" election year bribe, there will be advertising on Anchor milk cartons. Perhaps Graham Hart needed to be rewarded for anonymous donations to the Labour Party. This is besides the point of milk cartons being an especially ineffective advertising medium, I don't know what your local supermarket is like but at my local 'Fresh Choice' the ratio of milk bottles to cartons is around 80-20, so the number of new $70,000 a year beneficaries the campaign reaches through the power of Anchor milk would seem to be minimal at best.
So why are Labour spending 15 million taxpayer dollars on selling this cynical election year lolly scramble? Because it wants everyone to be 'informed' of the changes. Information so important that it initially required 7 times more money than the $3.212 million for radio and tv advertising allocated for all political parties to 'inform' voters in this year's General Election. So from this we can deduce that Labour thinks being made aware of the new benefits-for-everybody scheme is five to seven times more important than a voter making an informed choice at the election.

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