Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Hyperbolic Handicap

There's been a bit of publicity for batshit crazy people this past weekend, there's the odd puff piece in the SST DPF crowed about on a couple of student politicians, who apparently are of interest because they are obnoxious, extremist and female. Clearly the extreme-right is in trouble, if for inspiration it has to turn to student politicans still too young to have ever voted in a General Election. However the article redeems itself for including this hilarious quote "I swear I would rather go hungry than be on welfare. It's just a shame that no one else in godforsaken socialist New Zealand thinks the same way" That's Kerry O'Connor who out of principle took the bold step of rejecting the Government's EFTS funding she is entitled to and is paying the entire cost of her tertiary education without any state assistance.

But even more ridiculous than girls who want to grow up to be Deborah Coddington are the 100 protestors who gathered in Auckland on Saturday to celebrate the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. So where would be the logical place to protest a war which our Government did not support? Why, outside an Australian bank of course! Beacause out of the myraid organisations that have both an involvment in Iraq and a visible presence in this country, the ANZ was the logical place to protest the American invasion of Iraq and start a fight with police officers.
Then yesterday, at court proceedings for those arrested, another five out of 20 protestors decided they were exempt from respecting the procedures of the NZ Court system and were arrested and charged as well. Then the remaining 15 decided to fill in the rest of their day by protesting outside the Police Station. So, at last count, the NZ Police, Courts and Government along with the ANZ bank are responsible for a war on the other side of the world.

Surely if convicted electoral fraudster Tim Selwyn can be charged with sedition for his cry for attention then in the interests of consistent law enforcement (but not that of a fair and just legal system) those who share the same characteristics, that being protesting for the conflict rather than the cause, should be charged with sedition as well. Then they'd actually have a real reason to protest.
Suggesting silly things like an Australian bank is somehow responsible for injustice in Iraq or that our welfare system is morally bankrupt achieves nothing. You might get the rah-rah support from your select fanbase but you aren't going to win anyone over to your side, but it ends up looking like disingenuous attention seeking that it invariably is.

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