Thursday, March 31, 2005

Milk Duds

So I go overseas for a month and the two boys have managed to talk so much guff that they've moved the political alignment of this blog on the blogroll of kiwiblog from the centre to the purgatory of "Left Blogs".
Most disappointing.
Now I read that amongst the $15 million (down from the original $21 million) donation to the advertising industry to promote the "Working for Families (Vote Labour)" election year bribe, there will be advertising on Anchor milk cartons. Perhaps Graham Hart needed to be rewarded for anonymous donations to the Labour Party. This is besides the point of milk cartons being an especially ineffective advertising medium, I don't know what your local supermarket is like but at my local 'Fresh Choice' the ratio of milk bottles to cartons is around 80-20, so the number of new $70,000 a year beneficaries the campaign reaches through the power of Anchor milk would seem to be minimal at best.
So why are Labour spending 15 million taxpayer dollars on selling this cynical election year lolly scramble? Because it wants everyone to be 'informed' of the changes. Information so important that it initially required 7 times more money than the $3.212 million for radio and tv advertising allocated for all political parties to 'inform' voters in this year's General Election. So from this we can deduce that Labour thinks being made aware of the new benefits-for-everybody scheme is five to seven times more important than a voter making an informed choice at the election.

New Blog

America's favourite political football, Terri Schiavo, has started blogging. Despite being in a persistant vegetative state she still makes more sense than Aaron Bhatnagar.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Worst Bachelor Party Ever

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The topless Prince Charles protest in Wellington earlier this month appeared on Wednesday's The Daily Show, it wasn't an especially amusing item, but still, there's the patriotic pride in being viewed by millions as a nation of streakers.

Friday, March 25, 2005

not Good Friday

I was seaching the Christian Heritage Party website today for some inspired "pro-family" rants to commemorate the death of Jesus with, but it seems all of former leader Graham Capill's press releases have disappeared from the CHNZ website. Even a 2003 speech from the current leader has had all references to the old leader removed compared to the cached google version.
-edit- The Google cache seems to have also cleansed itself of references to Mr Capill, however the speech is still available in unfriendly .doc format here as well as most of Mr Capill's Press Releases preserved for posterity here

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Toilet Paper harms children

A Christchurch mother is calling on Purex to change its advertising after her four-year-old son was mauled by a shar pei dog.
Apparently the advertisment led her child to believe the dog was a "cute, cuddly little thing". By this rationale we should also ban Disney's Lion King, The Jungle Book and Finding Nemo which feature 'cute and cuddly' sharks, lions and apes. Why stop there, let's get stuck into Telecom for using zoo animals, the National Bank and it's killer horses, heck, we may as well ban anything featuring anything which has ever caused harm to a person, all for the sake of parents of children who would rather television did their job of raising their children for them.

Sick Fucks

I don't normally like to comment in this blog on American issues which have no impact on New Zealand, but the Terri Schiavo circus just makes me want to scream at my monitor in outrage at these sick fucks in the Republican and Democrat Parties who are exploiting this woman's "life" for political gain.
An interesting fact which hasn't yet made it to our TV screens is that while GW Bush, who took the unprecedented move of cutting short his vacation (even a tsunami doesn't stop a Bush holiday), signed a federal law overriding the Florida law applied in this case, a six month old baby was taken off life support under a 1999 Texas law signed by then Governor Bush. To be fair the Texas law does have a different condition than Florida law, that being as well as having no hope of recovery, the patient must also be unable to pay their hospital bill.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Hyperbolic Handicap

There's been a bit of publicity for batshit crazy people this past weekend, there's the odd puff piece in the SST DPF crowed about on a couple of student politicians, who apparently are of interest because they are obnoxious, extremist and female. Clearly the extreme-right is in trouble, if for inspiration it has to turn to student politicans still too young to have ever voted in a General Election. However the article redeems itself for including this hilarious quote "I swear I would rather go hungry than be on welfare. It's just a shame that no one else in godforsaken socialist New Zealand thinks the same way" That's Kerry O'Connor who out of principle took the bold step of rejecting the Government's EFTS funding she is entitled to and is paying the entire cost of her tertiary education without any state assistance.

But even more ridiculous than girls who want to grow up to be Deborah Coddington are the 100 protestors who gathered in Auckland on Saturday to celebrate the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. So where would be the logical place to protest a war which our Government did not support? Why, outside an Australian bank of course! Beacause out of the myraid organisations that have both an involvment in Iraq and a visible presence in this country, the ANZ was the logical place to protest the American invasion of Iraq and start a fight with police officers.
Then yesterday, at court proceedings for those arrested, another five out of 20 protestors decided they were exempt from respecting the procedures of the NZ Court system and were arrested and charged as well. Then the remaining 15 decided to fill in the rest of their day by protesting outside the Police Station. So, at last count, the NZ Police, Courts and Government along with the ANZ bank are responsible for a war on the other side of the world.

Surely if convicted electoral fraudster Tim Selwyn can be charged with sedition for his cry for attention then in the interests of consistent law enforcement (but not that of a fair and just legal system) those who share the same characteristics, that being protesting for the conflict rather than the cause, should be charged with sedition as well. Then they'd actually have a real reason to protest.
Suggesting silly things like an Australian bank is somehow responsible for injustice in Iraq or that our welfare system is morally bankrupt achieves nothing. You might get the rah-rah support from your select fanbase but you aren't going to win anyone over to your side, but it ends up looking like disingenuous attention seeking that it invariably is.

School Ltd.

A Dannevirke school board have decided the task of coming up with a name for their newly merged school is too difficult so they will contract the job out to a PR firm.
It's not as if they have hundreds of young creative minds on hand to come up with ideas......

Monday, March 21, 2005


According to the Russell, a NZ version of the best TV Show ever, "The Daily Show" will be made with the highly annoying Radar fronting. What the F......? Why? Obviously the producers behind this abortion-in-waiting have never watched the real Daily Show. The Daily Show works because Jon Stewart and co. look like 'real' tv journalists and have the mannerisms and quirks of current affairs reporters down to a tee. The obvious choice to fill the role of a New Zealand Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert is Newsboy, who is brilliant in the role when he wants to be. To make a working NZ version of TDS you'd take "Eating Media Lunch" shake out the junket related crap and add topical news items and some fresh talent (i.e not tired old stand-up comedians) to fill the correspondents roles.
But here's a crazy idea, why don't Sky/TVNZ/Canwest just screen the real Daily Show on NZ TV? I've been watching TDS myself via the internet for over three years now, and everyone I've shown episodes to has loved it, it'd surely do better than geriatric Letterman on Prime.
So until a NZ TV station wakes up to The Daily Show it is available via bittorrent from around 6.30pm every Tuesday-Friday (NZ time) so if you have a fast internet connection you can watch it straight after Shortland Street I mean Campbell Live. Also while we're at it, perhaps a smart TV programmer could also consider screening "Real Time with Bill Maher" (bittorrent link) as well, think "The Daily Show" with less humour and more swearing.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Good Night National

The latest TVNZ political poll is up on the Herald's site, in a month with Labour taking hits from flu jab stupidity, flaky NCEA exams and the Wananga of doom, somehow they have gained two points and the "main opposition party" has dropped four points. It's not all bad for the right wing parties though, ACT have seen a 50% gain in support! That being from 2 to 3, which is triple United Future's flatlining support.
However with economic pessimism increasing in this poll, the ever present possibility of power shortages this winter and an All Black defeat in the British Lions rugby tour, and most importantly National seemingly in total disarray, what are the odds of a Snap Election?

Friday, March 18, 2005

Sucks to be Te HeuHeu

It seems Georgina Te HeuHeu will be rewarded for her enduring and surprising loyalty under duress with a massive demotion on the soon to be released National party list, a virtual guarantee that she won't be an MP after the election. Of course in the "MMP enviroment" National could not be without the token Maori, so they've seleted a more compliant male to replace her. Hopefully for National this brown mascot will be more cheerful in his role than the uppity Te Heuheu who seemed to think she was elected to represent her constituency rather than performing tricks and regurgitating soundbites for her pakeha masters.

Power to the People

Last night the travelling NIMBY power pylon roadshow played in Hunua.
There are already four lines running through the area, but apparently a fifth line in Hunua would destroy the scenic landscape.
Here's an idea to satisfy the 1400 residents affected, let's not build these pylons, but to make up for the future shortfall in electricity supply to Auckland, discontinue all electrity supplies to Morrinsville and Hunua, since they seem to be convinced electricity causes leukemia, we'd be doing them a favour wouldn't we?

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Big Sleep

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It's good to see TV3 had the journalistic integrity to run footage of David Benson-Pope having his afternoon nap in parliament yesterday. It also shows how timid the political reporting at state-owned TV has become that these images did not appear at all in their newscast.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A tale of two sportsmen

NZ Cricketer Daryl Tuffey is filmed receiving oral sex.
An All Black with the same nickname as a Baltimore Orioles baseball player assaults his pregnant wife.
One will have their name splashed all over the pages of the papers, and become the object of scorn and derision.
The other receives full name suppression and no conviction from our judicial system and any punishment by his employer for his actions remains confidential.

If the All Black's assault on his wife been recorded on tape would there have been more publicity?
If Tuffey was a member of an evangelical church would his punishment have been lighter?
Why do NZ Cricket disciplinary procedures receive more publicity than actual court proceedings concerning a rugby player who committed an actual crime?
But most importantly, Why is the Tuffey tape not available online?
(The link will be here first once it is)

Sunday, March 06, 2005


The "Society for the Promotion of Community Standards" wants the awful R16 rated 'Playboy: the Mansion' computer game to be given an R18 rating because "it will breed a new generation of child molesters".
The obvious message here : 18 is the age at which it is acceptable to become a pedophile.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

"Alcoholics more likely to be drunk" is the next study

Marijuana users more likely to be paranoid
How ridiculous, clearly more propaganda that is just another part of the global conspiracy by our shadow government of the new world order to suppress cars that use water instead of petrol.