Sunday, February 27, 2005

Suppression Play

The New Zealand Herald reports with mock incredulity that a British website lists the name of the 'current All Black' who plead guilty to domestic assault and got off with no conviction and permanent name suppression.
So the facts the media have been allowed to report is that he
- appears to be a 'current All Black' living in West Auckland in close proximity to his extended family.
- due to the timing and location of this week's court hearing could only realistically play for the Auckland Blues
- already has a child
- He was granted name suppression in early December while all but 11 'current All Blacks' at the time were on a European tour.
- 3 of those 11 currently play for the Auckland Blues.
-edit- Those 3 players were Xavier Rush, Carlos Spencer and Sam Tuitupou
- According to the judge the player's age "has an effect of some sort" - not something one would normally say of a veteran player

With this in mind my question is why did this guy bother applying for name suppression at all? It's obvious who he is, yet the suppression order creates unwarranted suspicion of innocent players.
Oh well, 'Whoever this guy is' I hope he doesn't have a nickname that could be considered in poor taste to use this season.


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's like that game - Guess Who - with all the faces that you can flip down as you narrow the field down to the culprit...

"does he have brown hair?"
"does he wear glasses?"

...and so on. 

Posted by james

Anonymous said...

It's obvious who he is, yet the suppression order creates unwarranted suspicion of innocent players. 

Absolutely. The whole thing has turned a serious matter into a poor-taste joke and made NZ a laughing stock. 

Posted by ruth

Anonymous said...

I don't know who it was, because I don't know the names of any rugby players. Except Daniel Carter. He can rough me up anytime. 

Posted by Xavier

Anonymous said...

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald in August named the player as having "a pregnant wife"

Anybody who wants to know who it is can find out in 5 minutes.

Posted by dave