Wednesday, February 09, 2005

No sense of proportion

Distributors of 'child porn' and other 'objectionable material' could now receive sentences of up to ten years. Because apparently weirdos who share sick shit on the internet should be incarcerated longer than some rapists, killers and child molesters. Even though if they are actually involved in producing the crap they can be dealt with under existing sexual abuse laws, and receive a far longer sentence than ten years.
What is most disturbing is the bill creates the new offence, 'knowingly possessing objectionable material' with a maximum sentence of 5 years jail. While obviously including child pornography this law by definition seems to include computer games, music and films considered 'objectionable' by our benevolent Government.
You could soon be facing a jail term for owning a copy of 'Manhunt' or 'Postal 2', computer games deemed too dangerous for NZ consumption.
The maximum sentence for owning a banned game could soon be ten times greater than that for possession of heroin. And don't you dare think about getting rid of that game on trademe or passing it to a friend, you could face a ten year maximum sentence - greater than that for grievous bodily harm.


Anonymous said...

All that said though- child porn is still a horrible thing to possess. But the best place isn't prison, it's a lunatic assulym 

Posted by Greg Stephens

Anonymous said...

No-one normal likes child porn, but it's about Nanny state forcing their morality on others at the point of a gun. They are extending their reach into every aspect of our lives, and the sheeple just don't seem to care. My boy has been pestering me to buy Manhunt over the inet so I think I will now... 

Posted by Ruth

Anonymous said...

I don't like the bill either but it sounds worse than it is because the word 'objectionable' has a legal meaning that is much more limited than its normal English meaning. 'Objectionable material' in a legal sense is very nasty stuff not just anything the government objects to. 

Posted by Nigel Kearney