Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Katherine the Gone

Wow. 'Orewa II' turns out to be 'The Matrix Reloaded' and totally blow, now to make it even worse, Don Brash has sacked Katherine Rich. Heck, if National's designated party blogger doesn't even attempt to spin this as 'strong leadership' or 'setting a clear direction' you know you're in trouble. The election is now over for National before it's begun. I guess this is one way to take the lead headline away from Labour's 'State of the Nation' speech on this afternoon, probably not the method I would have chosen though.

So what are the odds now of Brash being replaced as leader before the election?
($3.75 in my estimate)

Update - I have updated our arbitrary Election predictor to reflect this latest blunder.
(-3 N, +2 UF, +1 NZF)

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Anonymous said...

Maybe, but do you think that half the voting population even knows who Katherine Rich is? Or cares? 

Posted by llew