Thursday, February 03, 2005

I shot the flag, but I didn't shoot Ken Shirley

Now that Tame Iti has been charged with desecrating the New Zealand flag, ensigns around the country can sleep easy at night. George Hawkins has made a total hash of the affair as usual, letting ACT make him look foolish yet again, his days as Minister of Police are numbered. But thank you ACT for 'keeping this country safe' by forcing police to waste their time charging Iti with an offence he will not be convicted for. ACT whine about police 'wasting time on speed tickets' but seem more than content to use the police for petty political frivolities like this.

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Anonymous said...

you obviously have no problem with armed intimidation of the judiciary. the flag is not the issue, the fact that judges were present is. 

Posted by sagenz