Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Well, so much for Katherine Rich being a non-issue, I can't honestly believe the National leadership could be so incompetent to allow this to happen. What a total cock-up. Don Brash should go now, as this election campaign is rapidly becoming a slow walk to execution. He really just doesn't get it, for example today, when he was asked about the newly male-only front bench, "I'm not going to be driven by political correctness in saying I've got to have a woman on the front bench", yes, true, he shouldn't be driven by 'political correctness' but by political neccessity, I'm pretty sure we still make up 50% of the electoral roll. Honestly, can he really be this naive? Why not just say something like 'the numbered order of my MPs does not matter, it is the contributions they make to the party and NZ that counts'. Anyway, you'll have to excuse me now so I can go back to banging my head against a wall which seems a more productive activity than trying to understand National's election strategy.


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that you don't have to be smart to be a politican - or to be the Guv of the Reserve Bank for that matter. If their strategists have got any nous they are planning for 2008 and writing this on off as a bad joke.
John Key for President 

Posted by flysiguy

Anonymous said...

Lay off Brash. Rich had to go - so freakin what. He is 100% correct about PC crapola. Bring DEBORAH CODDINGTON TO NATIONAL. Then we might see some action. 

Posted by Ruth

Anonymous said...

Coddington in National? Now that's a car accident I'd pay money to see. 

Posted by Nick Eynon