Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The 5 percent threshold

Well the Herald poll is out, even if it isn't linked to on their frontpage yet. National gets a 5 point bounce from 'Orewa II', that has to be disappointing for them. Apparently, Katherine Rich is going to get the chop as well, so let's see, shut out Maori, now push out the women? Good strategy guys, keep it up! As for the herald, the decision to publish the misleading partial results of this poll on Saturday looks even more stupid now.

Also to celebrate the misleading use of opinion polls, to the right of your screen we present our prediction of the outcome of the General Election with an arbitrary and non-scientific 'magic' poll made by a team of experts and a six-sided dice. Although it appears to be absolutely meaningless, it is in fact more accurate than any 'Close Up at 7' poll.

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