Monday, January 31, 2005

The next leader?

Prolific Labour mouthpiece Jordan discussed this Fairfax piece in today's press release/post. The Katherine Rich non-issue is merely a case of a reporter taking out his frustration at not being able to get a real story. However at the end of his post he does raise an interesting point about post-election leadership scenarios for National, although National will not tear itself apart like the crazy fantasies conjured up by some leftists.
I do not believe a National Party with Don Brash as leader can truly be a successful mainstream party. I hope I'm wrong, but for me, Brash lacks the leadership qualities neccessary to lead. He has been misquoted as saying he will resign if National does not 'win the election', it this did turn out to happen for whatever reason, I would hope he would remain a National MP and become Minister of Finance in 2008.
So who do I want to see lead National to victory in '08?
Gerry Brownlee?
er. no. thanks. but no.
Bill English?
National would most likely be polling the same as they are now even if they had kept English as leader, that said, he tried, he failed. Deputy PM 2008.
John Key?
Now this is who I want. The 'Great White Hope', along with Simon Power and Katherine Rich, he is the future of the National Party, he has the qualities, integrity and 'X' factor needed to lead NZ in the right direction, and less importantly, he's the cutest National MP by far. I'd like to see Katherine Rich as deputy, but realistically I doubt that will happen. I must confess that although my support for him is probably influenced by the $500 bet I made in 2002 that he would be the next National Prime Minister, it is sincere and genuine support.


Anonymous said...

'The Great White Hope' sums up the National Parties position quite well.
I think Simon Power has a future ahead of him, he is bright and capable of getting laughs out of first year politics students (or was when I was first year), which is impressive given we are predominately lefties. 

Posted by Greg

Anonymous said...

I guess the Katherine Rich story wasn't a 'non-issue' after all.... 

Posted by Jeremy Baker

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wish I'd seen that post in time to comment... it clearly had legs based on the noises I was hearing out of the complex, and the howls on the right wing blogs too... 

Posted by Jordan