Monday, January 31, 2005

Justification for War #27

Oh Hurrah! the 'Iraq Election' (aka this month's justification for invasion) was a 'triumph for freedom.' Only 41 people have died from attacks, and none of them were white so it's an 'outstanding success'. In unprecedented levels of sanctimony, neo-consevative bloggers and pundits have been ecstatic over the imposition of 'freedom' in Iraq, these of course the same people who wanted to 'raze Fallujah to the ground' and 'kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity'. The real reason for the patronising triumphalism is that now they can say, we have 'liberated' Iraq and given them 'freedom', the war is justified, anymore deaths are the fault of the Iraqi people themselves, now, let's go Bomb Iran.


Anonymous said...

Hard to see how it's an imposition. Most major Iraqi political and religious figures were demanding elections take place. The only imposition going on was from the "resistance" who wanted to impose no election. 

Posted by sock thief

Anonymous said...

You say all this like it's a bad thing lol ;) 

Posted by Whig