Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Welcome to threepointturn, a pitted sore on the flaccid gentials of NZ's Blog clique.

We've assembled three of NZ's most inexperienced writers with a combined political punditry experience of ...... what's the time? ..... 2 hours.

My name is Nick Eynon and much like Michael Bolton from the film 'Office Space', a malinged celebrity stole my name. Though not as bad as it was a couple of years ago, not a day will pass without someone asking if I'm that Nick Eynon and do I really like 14 year old girls from Invercargill.

Together with Manu we have formed a Wonder-Twin allliance to shake up NZ's blog world, or at the very least, write some pithy and ill-informed comments that no-one reads.

I met Manu at a tinnie house where I was helping my local Black Power business distribute cannabis to the needy. At that time I was a Crystal Meth addict, sometimes I wish I still was, as rehab has caused me to become a bore to my peers. Anyway, Manu is a wannabe political operative with one small flaw, he's a sociopath. Amongst New Zealand's blog clique I'm sure he'll be in good company. What better way for him to connect to the masses than through a medium through which you can shun all real human contact. In planning this blog we realised that one sure way to drive up traffic is to have a chick writing for us, so we got hold of Maxine (You're not the only one), Manu's second cousin from Greymouth. Given her location she is the ideal person to commentate on international affairs.

Given Manu has delusional political aspirations to be the next Jordan Carter, he will be discussing NZ Political events and items of disinterest. As I am a recovering drug addict and do nothing but watch TV and play on the interweb all day, I am the obvious choice to hold the role of Senior Media Analyst.

Well, that was an introduction to who we think we are, in the coming weeks, we hope to offend everyone who reads our blog (yes, both of you) at least once.


Anonymous said...

Read you intro - you'll fit in perfectly.

Stephen (a geular reader of DF Farrar's missive)

Uroskin said...

Gentials? =A non-jewish person playing with his own bits?
Welcome to the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think it's a little teeny bit insensitve (if not offensive) to list KiwiJewPundit under "Fascist"??? Especially seeing as one of them is a leftie!

Anonymous said...

I would hope it's viewed as offensive rather than insensitive, that aside, pure fascism does not have to involve anti-semitism, it's not as if the communists or democracies through history have been especially accepting of the Jewish people either. I view 'KiwiJewPundit' as fascists because they support GW Bush, because as we know, all Bush supporters are evil fascists and love Hitler, and all Bush Haters hate America, love Osama bin Laden and are communist terrorists.  

Posted by Nick Eynon

Anonymous said...

Comments display should be fixed now, after the mess Nick made of them.  

Posted by Maxine

Anonymous said...

Damian Christie

Nice work.. props!

Posted by stephen