Monday, January 24, 2005

Destiny's Child

After spending most of the weekend getting high on amyl nitrate I happened to stumble across the DestinyNZ party website, and praise the lord they have policies and stuff.
Naturally I eagerly scrambled to find the 'God hates fags' policy, but alas the only gay bashing policy they seem to have is the rather tired 'abolish civil unions' and the 'define family as being a marriage between a man and woman with 2.4 children' etc. Yawn. As a gay man, I'm extremely disappointed, it's now nearly 20 years since me being me was against the law, and I've never really experienced illicit sex (some friends who went to Tasmania said 'it's really hot'). If I can't rely on Destiny to ban gay-sex then who will?

Much like National, Destiny seems to have borrowed ACT's social welfare policy. The 3000+ biblical verses about poverty are not significant enough to make welfare a 'moral value' for Destiny, unlike say, abortion, which is not directly referred to at all in the Bible. What I find very interesting about a 'moral values' party like Destiny is where the "minor policies" like education, health, defence, taxation etc place them on the political compass. It seems a former ACT hack has had a hand in writing most of their policies, which include lowering the company tax rate and repealing the Resource Management Act, although unlike the socialists from ACT, Jesus prefers a flat income tax.

Some of the other more adorable ideas I've come across are
-removal of the $170 marriage licence fee
-increased tax breaks the longer you are married
-no sickness benefits for drug or alcohol related illnesses
-legal rights for foetuses from the moment of conception
-NZ to join the 'coalition of the willing'
-vastly increased censorship of all media including the internet
-NZ to ignore 'politically correct' UN regulations
-believe 'church and state' should be 'interrelated'

They also snub United Future, stating that Christian Heritage is the 'only other Christian party'. How must Paul 'Hunger Strike' Adams feel? After all that hard work he's put in to make UF look crazy and now the popular new born-agains on the block don't even acknowledge your existence. 21 days of fasting for Jesus against fags isn't enough? What has a man gotta do to make you love him? (but not in that way)

As for Destiny wanting to march across Auckland Harbour Bridge, the solution is pretty simple, let them march, but keep the bridge open. They'll all be wearing their uniforms so they'll be easy to target... er... 'watch out for' if you happen to be driving.

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