Monday, January 31, 2005

Ann, Don't Cry.

Last night, while zoning out on BZP, I watched an episode of the CBC (Canada) current affairs show 'The Fifth Estate' entitiled 'Sticks and Stones' concerning the level of discourse in American cable news punditry. The most amusing part of the whole documentary is an interview with long-term crack addict - Ann Coulter. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't hate Coulter, she's amusing and interesting, much like the trolley-boy at our local supermarket who wears a white glove with sequins and pretends to be Michael Jackson. Anyway, after she gets pulled up for a factual inaccuracy - 'Canada sent troops to Vietnam' she gets the deer-in-headlights look as she realises she fucked up, but instead of admitting the factual error, like a sane person, she proceeds to tell the Canadian journalist interviewing her that he is flat-out wrong. After all, the guy is a Canadian journalist with over 25 years experience, what would he know about Canadian history?
This clip amuses me so much I have converted it to a low quality (941k) shockwave file for your viewing pleasure. (it looks best if you select 320 for 'resolution width' on the page)

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Anonymous said...

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